Contract Management Software

Contract Management Made Easy

Comtracts understands the struggles that every business faces when trying to manage multiple assets. Information gets lost in the daily clutter, and sometimes no amount of organization can help keep your files in view. With the Contract Management Tool from Comtracts, you’ll never lose your necessary information again.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Comtracts’ Contract Management Tool allows clients to organize, manage, and secure contracts in a digital library. This digital library operates without personal investment in facilities, hardware, software, or personnel. Our digital library helps you set up contract lifecycle management (CLM), which efficiently handles new contracts, alerts you when contracts are about to end, and more. Our Contract Management Tool gives you access to your contracts from anywhere. Access, track, and update your documents at your convenience. You can also monitor and follow your responsibilities as well as your contractors and their contracting process.

Comtracts creates and maintains a secure digital library of contracts that allows you to organize, index, and manage contracts and the relationships that come with them. These tools help you handle your documentation stress free. Alerts help you maintain due diligence while our document management software takes care of the contract needs. These services simplify life for your HR management, vendor contacts, and more. If necessary, we can also help you customize your management tool for more efficiency.

Vendor Contract Management

If you work with multiple vendors, Comtracts helps you take care of each contract with our innovative contract management solution.

Contract Management Tools and Services

Our contract management system offers many different features to help streamline your contract processes, including:

  • Reporting

    Generate accurate, detailed, and up-to-date reports to assist with daily management decisions.

  • Notifications

    Improve your performance by taking control of contract compliance. The system automatically notifies you of important dates in the contract lifecycle, giving you control and leverage over expense and revenue management.

  • Document Access

    Access and manage all of your contract documents in a central repository. Never miss a contract renewal again!

  • Document History

    All of the contracts you have on file are located in a central repository, including the history of each contract, its performance, notes, and more. You also have confidential communication with others, such as vendors or fellow employees.

  • Onboarding

    Simplify the onboarding process with the Contract Management Tool. Load, maintain, and update your contracts quickly and efficiently with our Microsoft Excel and mass document upload feature.

Your Contract Management Tool

Comtracts is a women-led, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant company that provides the management services you need to simplify your internal processes. Our contract management software keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. For solutions that keep your information in order while saving you money, contact Comtracts today.

Custom Development Options

Whatever you need, we provide. Comtracts can customize our tools to meet your industry and business needs.

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