Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts and Relationships Remotely

An excel spreadsheet is not a contract management system—it is an index. Employees need tools that provide access to actual contracts and important information to work successfully from while at remote locations. Comtracts’ contract management platform is an on-line systems that manages, maintains, and organizes not just contracts but information about those contracts in a safe and secure online library that automates important notification of important contract life cycle events. Comtracts’ platform can be accessed from anywhere, employees have remote access to important information and the contracts themselves. Whether from home, the worksite, or other places, your contracts and important information about them are immediately available.

With remote access to contract information, employees can better manage important vendor relationships, keep track of contract performance, and know important deadlines without coming into the office. Comtracts’ platform increases employee efficiency, saves money and time, and gives businesses the upper hand when negotiating important contracts.

Comtracts’ platform does not require businesses to buy expensive hardware, it is easy to implement and operate. Additionally, professional staff are on call to address any issues with our platform. Managing contracts is simple with Comtracts. The work place is changing for everyone. Let Comtracts give you the tools your business needs to be efficient and productive.

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