Property Management

Manage contracts, relationships, and properties.

Property management is about establishing strong relationships. Effective property managers must be efficient at managing  relationships to maintain profitability and customer base.

Build and Maintain Strong Relationships

Successful property management is about more than just renting properties. Successful property management requires contractual relationships with renters, homeowners associations, vendors, customers, and an arsenal of service providers. Property management is about establishing strong relationships, measuring performance, and managing the lifecycles of relationships. Contracts are important–they set prices, responsibilities and duties, and establish important parameters of relationships.

Effective property managers must increase their efficiency in managing these important relationships to maintain profitability and customer base. Nearly 1 in 2 property managers named Growth and Efficiency as top priorities in 2019. Com|Tracts Contract Management Platform is a great way to increase the efficiency of property managers and lower costs. With Com|Tract’s Property Management Platform, property managers have a tool that will safe and secure repository for contracts, create automatic notifications, communication and record keeping for individual properties and customers. Improving efficiency and profitability should be the goals of every property manager’s strategic plan. Using Com|Tract’s contract management platform will jumpstart efforts to work more efficiently, increase profits without adding to the workload. Most importantly, Com|Tracts’ communication tool allows property managers to communicate efficiently.

Automate the Process

Com|Tract’s contract management platform and tools are the perfect solutions for busy property managers who are interested in efficient and automated contract lifecycle management that creates the ability to move toward revenue cycle management and consistency in contracting.

Tools for Success

Com|Tracts’ platforms and tools allow easy management of contracts with automatic notifications of important events to tenants, vendors, and staff. Storing contracts in a secure location that provides remote access increases efficiency and saves time and money. Managers can store important documents in a secure cloud-based system and access them from anywhere at any time.

By using Com|Tracts’ contract management platform, property managers can create accountability and automate workflow and tasks to eliminate the risk of human error. Automated workflow prevents delay and increases customer compliance by reminding individuals about key obligations, contract dates, termination and renewal dates and other important contract events. Com|Tracts’ tools can send automatic email and text reminders to ensure that obligations and deadlines are met and generate reports. Contract management is not just an internal process, but it should be a process that integrates customer and vendor performance.

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