Industries We Serve

Many different industries require documentation for various roles, tasks, and projects. In the past, entire rooms were dedicated to storing contracts, files and documentation, and they could easily become disorganized. Our management platform keeps this process simple and gives you the opportunity to explore new options for storing and managing information.

Answers for Any Industry

We ensure that different industries have customized options to choose from when they use our products. From HR Management Tools to Communication Tools, each industry uses each product differently. With so much variety, we’ve created custom solutions around specific industries and businesses with endless possibilities. Whether you need personalized notifications, specialized categorization, or features you don’t see on any of the product pages, give us a call. We’ll work out a solution that’s right for you.

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Industries Served

We specialize in multiple industries around the world.


Healthy document management services start here. When you need to keep track of your information, Com|Tracts has the solutions.


Keep your contract storage clean. Com|Tracts has your industry in mind when we customize our management options.


Build a successful information portfolio. Grow your business by managing your data with the streamlined services of Com|Tracts.


Learn how to enhance your data storage. Communicate internally and externally with ease when you rely on Com|Tracts.

Property Management

Manage your contracts simply and successfully. Never miss a due date again when you utilize the power of Com|Tracts’ management tools.

Keep Your Files on Hand

You will never need to worry about losing a document, when you rely on Com|Tracts’ expert services and solutions.

Specific Solutions for Your Business

Com|Tracts is a women-led, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant company that provides the management services you need to simplify your internal processes. We have customer support on standby for any concerns or issues you encounter. Whether you need HR or contract management solutions, specialized communication channels, or beyond, our solutions are tailored to your business. When you need better organization that’s cost effective and efficient, contact the experts at Com|Tracts.

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