We make document management for the petroleum business easy. Even though managing any business that sells gas is complicated!  With state and federal laws and regulations that complicate the everyday management of vendors, employees, customers, contracts, suppliers, and physical facilities,  the pressure to make a profit, pay employees, be organized, be complaint is complex  time-consuming and difficult.  Comtracts has developed tools that will allow petroleum businesses to manage business records, employees, and contracts and prove compliance to regulators in an easy and manageable manner.   With Comtracts’ unique and secure platform and tools, petroleum businesses can keep up with storage tank, OSHA, state and federal EPA requirements, commercial drivers licensing requirements, food and safety requirements and all the other regulatory requirements for best practices.  And, better yet, when regulators appear at your business site, you can document compliance in an easy, secure manner.  Business is tough and proving compliance is tougher!

Comtracts’ tools make managing a petroleum business more efficient and easier.  Our secure on-line platforms can digitalize, manage, organize, monitor and access your records!   But, even more importantly, Comtracts’ tools can send you automatic reminders of when things need to be done.  In other words, Comtracts’ tools can notify you well in advance of deadlines.

With three unique tools, Comtracts offers (1) a contract management system; (2) a business records system designed to help you monitor regulatory compliance; and (3) a human resources platform that allows you to keep up with requirements for employees that can include licensing, OSHA trainings, criminal background checks, drug screenings, health and safety requirements, and trainings.   With the Comtracts’ tools, you set the parameters about what is important and what you need to monitor. Comtracts’ tools will even allow you to digitalize and automate your policies and procedures!

  1. Contract Management System: With a secure contract management platform, businesses can digitalize, store, organize, track and access contracts. Managing contracts with an organized, secure cloud-based system rather than a file full of notebooks that hold hole-punched contracts gives a business the tool it needs to control its contractual relationships.    Comtracts’ tool is easy to use, saves time, and makes businesses more efficient and compliant.  With an automated notice tool, Comtracts will notify you of important deadlines like renewal times, termination, reporting deadlines. Managing contracts effectively creates a tool that allows businesses to control revenue cycles.   Comtracts’ tool allows businesses to establish parameters and uniformity for contracts. But even more basic, Comtracts’ system allows a business to control its contracts rather than the other way around!
  1. Business Records System: Comtracts’ secure platform allows businesses to digitalize business records, organize them, access them, and automate deadlines.  For highly regulated businesses that are inspected by the EPA, the FDA, HHS, OSHA, and on and on, Comtracts’ secure platform allows you to document compliance by providing remote access to important business records that you can show the regulator. For any business selling gas, being able to present documents that show compliance and testing.   Being efficient and organized can mean the difference between compliance and non-compliance and prevent fines and sanctions.



  1. Employee Management Platform: Comtracts’ Employee Management system allows business to organize, digitalize, monitor and access employee records to evaluate performance and provide compliance. Making sure that all employees are up to date with their licenses, their trainings, required tax information and certifications, drug screen testing among other things is a matter of risk management for every business.  Comtracts automates and communicates this information to the employer and employee and lessens the risk that an employee’s failure to keep up with requirements creates problems and fines for business. Comtracts’ Employee Management tool provides a secure platform that allows businesses to identify and solve challenges and creates an important communication channel for employees, managers, and employers.

Comtracts offers important tools that will make any business involved in the petroleum industry more efficient and compliant.   Comtracts’ tools will improve communication and management in a cost-effective way by providing tools that are easy to use. So now you see if it’s document management for the petroleum business that’s needed,  Comtracts has you covered.