Manage Internship Programs

Comtracts offers a secure and compliant online platform to manage internship programs and experiential education experiences. Our products facilitate communication between teachers, businesses, students, and administrators in a cost effective and efficient manner. Moreover, Comtracts’ web-based online service platform supports administration and career services. This creates a platform that stores important information. Our tools allow collaboration and communication while carefully controlling private and confidential information.

With a platform that automates workflow for administrators and faculty, Comtracts’ system can be customized to reflect individual program requirements and provide remote and easy access.  Comtracts’ platform allows educators to track student performance and progress. For example, communicate important deadlines for both students and educators with gentle, automated reminders. With the capacity for customization, Comtracts’ platform can capture necessary information that distinguishes between types of internships and requirements. Because of its intuitive nature, Comtracts’ platform is easy to implement and use. In addition, reports are easy to generate.

Comtracts’ provides simple tools to manage student internship programs and educational experience programs. Comtracts’ platform is readily accessible – available 24-7 anywhere and anytime and does not require special software or equipment for use.  Visit our website or contact us for more information.  We are excited about this innovative tool for educators!

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