property management

Contract management is key to successful operation of a property management business. Contracts define not only customer relationships but, how those relationships should work. Consequently, customer relationships can be difficult to manage. Comtracts’ contract management platform is a secure cloud based system that creates an efficient and cost effective digital system. Comtracts allows remote, cost effective management of these important relationships. As a result, important information is at your beck and call.

Comtracts also provides an innovative and unique reminder system. Never miss events and milestones using Comtracts’ platform. Additionally, send payment reminders to property clients and notices to vendors. Comtracts’ tools includes an automated calendar that can be configured to match individual contract terms with clients. Comtracts’ platform functions as an efficient and easy to access library. In addition, Comtracts provides access from anywhere and allows property managers to make notes within the contract file. The ability to control user access is important in any online system. Managers can grant access to identified individuals to collaborate remotely and share information about contracts in the library.

Property management is made simple with Comtracts. Using the Comtracts’ platform, property managers can create an automated billing reminder system for rent, association fees, maintenance payments. Automated billing increases payment compliance and collections. Comtracts’ platform is simple to use, does not require special or expensive hardware and reduces costs. Contact Comtracts for more information via our website or call for more information.

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