Healthcare communication

During a pandemic, healthcare communication is vital. Nursing homes and hospitals are not the only health care providers struggling with COVID-19.  Adult day health centers, rehabilitation agencies, rehab agencies, physician clinics and offices, rural health clinics, all provide extremely important and necessary medical services.  Therefore, taking care of these workers is important as they are the first line of defense as America struggles to defeat this virus.

Comtracts’ digital employee directory provides an important communication tool that allows healthcare communication. For example, healthcare providers can send messages quickly and effectively with all employees, groups of employees or individual employees.  Through Comtracts’ communication tool, notices and messages can be sent to employees via email or text.  Similarly, employers can send policies and procedures, notifications of changes, notification of trainings, detailed resources and links, work schedules, and other important based upon employers’ needs.  Comtracts’ communication tool offers an effective, effective and fast tool to provide important information to employees.

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