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Prevent Tags—Use Comtracts’ Tools to Prove Compliance.

Nursing Facilities can use Comtracts Contract Management Tool to digitize, organize, secure and maintain all contracts. Plus, Nursing Facilities can keep up with Business Associate Agreements to maintain and prove HIPAA compliance.   With an index system that can be customized, Comtracts’ Contract Management Tool keeps up with your contracts and provides you with remote access. […]

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Business Records Management – Comtracts Does It For You

Without a single solution for your business records management, you’re just wasting time. It’s nothing but a hassle. Simplify your records management with Comtracts. Our software will handle everything from organizing vendor contracts to centralizing HR files. You should never have to wonder where your records are. As you grow, new problems can arise with […]

Benefits of Comtracts in the Workplace – Your Contract Management Services

Benefits of Comtracts’ Contract Solutions Customize contract management services for your company Streamline and standardize contract process to increase efficiency and consistency Reduce costs and increase efficiency Reduce cost of paper storage Save staff time in locating contracts and identifying deadlines Make contract review and management easier Quick and easy access to organized documents Store […]

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Document Management For The Petroleum Business

We make document management for the petroleum business easy. Even though managing any business that sells gas is complicated!  With state and federal laws and regulations that complicate the everyday management of vendors, employees, customers, contracts, suppliers, and physical facilities,  the pressure to make a profit, pay employees, be organized, be complaint is complex  time-consuming […]