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Property Management Tools for Real Estate

Contract management is key to successful operation of a property management business. Contracts define not only customer relationships but, how those relationships should work. Consequently, customer relationships can be difficult to manage. Comtracts’ contract management platform is a secure cloud based system that creates an efficient and cost effective digital system. Comtracts allows remote, cost […]

Manage Internship Programs and Educational Experiences

Comtracts offers a secure and compliant online platform to manage internship programs and experiential education experiences. Our products facilitate communication between teachers, businesses, students, and administrators in a cost effective and efficient manner. Moreover, Comtracts’ web-based online service platform supports administration and career services. This creates a platform that stores important information. Our tools allow […]

COVID-19 Response: 90 Free Day Trial

All employers need to consider how best to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact in their workplace. Never before has communication with employees and staff been so important. Sharing information about safety precautions, social distancing, CDC guidelines, and other factors, has become vitally important in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and maintaining […]

Managing Contracts and Relationships Remotely

Managing Contracts and Relationships Remotely An excel spreadsheet is not a contract management system—it is an index. Employees need tools that provide access to actual contracts and important information to work successfully from while at remote locations. Comtracts’ contract management platform is an on-line systems that manages, maintains, and organizes not just contracts but information […]