Frequently Asked Questions

How does Comtracts help get new clients on the platform?

Comtracts offers online training via a guided tour of your portal and/or Zoom meeting instruction from our Onboarding team. We will equip you with the understanding of our platform necessary to fully create and operate your own portal. If you’re too busy to organize and upload to your portal to get started, we can help with that! We offer document scanning/upload and portal administrative services as well. Regardless of your needs, Comtracts can find an onboarding plan to suit you.  

How does Comtracts support clients once they are on the platform?

Our Onboarding team is available for your questions or concerns at any time via email and responses can be expected within 24 hours. Continued training and/or troubleshooting can be done via email, phone, or Zoom meeting by appointment. We want to ensure your continued engagement with your portal, so we strive to meet your needs, and guarantee understanding of how to best use Comtracts for your business.

How does Comtracts make contract management more efficient?

The Comtracts contract management solution will help reduce document clutter in your current contract and HR systems and minimize the risk of data errors in the documentation process The Comtracts solution will help you organize, prioritize, and keep track of your contracts through digitalization and classification, while ensuring that your data is compliant, safe, and easily accessible to those who need it. Using our calendar and notification systems, you can easily stay current with your most important contracts and HR dates when setting up future reminders. When fully implemented, the Comtracts contract management solution will eliminate the need for paper files, while ensuring that you never miss a contract due date again.

What security measures does Comtracts take to protect client information?

Site and information security is a top priority for Comtracts. Comtracts is certified PCI and HIPAA compliant. Comtracts also uses the best security measures available from Amazon Workspaces and Google to ensure that our clients’ information and documents are safe.

How can Comtracts be personalized for our business?

The Comtracts solution is a suite of flexible business tools that can be personalized to meet a client’s business needs. During the onboarding process, our solution specialists will work closely with the client’s team to tailor features and options to streamline and enhance the typical business operations.

We already have an HR director. How would Comtracts complement our department?

We love supporting any HR director and HR department! We work one on one with anyone that would be in control of our platform to offer personalized care with customization of any features to best suit your needs. With our digital platform, you cut down on loss of imperative information with turnover within your company. Cou control your remote access to managing your HR, contracts, and files with our automated system. We reduce the burden on administrative tasks, eliminating costs, and making your overall HR department more efficient.

Does Comtracts have an App?

Comtracts does not currently offer a mobile app. However, our site is accessible and can be used on your mobile device.

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