Comtracts COVID-19 Response

Comtracts makes businesses more efficient while working from home.

Comtracts offers an efficient platform that gives your company remote work capability due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How We Help During COVID-19

We understand your need to maintain a level of normalcy while dealing with the near daily changes in regulatory advisories. Changes in work arrangements, border of movement controls and safe distancing practices due to Covid-19 make compliance more difficult. Our platform offers special built in customizable features to help you and your business at this time.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be wondering how to communicate business changes with your remote workforce.

We cannot help government and state regulations at this unprecedented time but we can offer a tool for your business that abides by those regulations and to keep compliant. We make remote communication easy. In addition, Comtracts offers a customizable and adaptable solution to your new COVID-19 compliance record keeping. We understand that now more than ever, you are having to keep track of safety and health guidelines during this pandemic. Whether it is a beginning of the day checklist to prepare your business for opening or end of week paperwork to show you’ve stayed compliant in wipe downs we offer a platform that can be tailored to you to be able to keep track and log those very important documents needed to stay safe at this time.

Comtracts is Built For Work From Home

Learn how our platform can be used to increase productivity with a remote workforce.

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