Managing Childcare

Managing Childcare Centers with Comtracts

Managing childcare can be a daunting task without a communication platform. Comtracts offers childcare providers easy and efficient tools to manage important information without installing expensive software or specialized equipment. Creating…
Communication Tools

Communication Tools Keep Your Employees Informed

All employers are struggling with COVID-19. Communication tools are essential to businesses surviving these challenging times. Whether employers need more employees to manage services or need employees to work remotely, communication and transparency…
Healthcare communication

Healthcare Communication: Tools for Success

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During a pandemic, healthcare communication is vital. Nursing homes and hospitals are not the only health care providers struggling with COVID-19.  Adult day health centers, rehabilitation agencies, rehab agencies, physician clinics and…
property management

Property Management Tools for Real Estate

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Contract management is key to successful operation of a property management business. Contracts define not only customer relationships but, how those relationships should work. Consequently, customer relationships can be difficult to manage.…